Maximator Test Provides Unrivaled Service

We help our customers achieve their high pressure testing goals.


Autofrettage (and burst testing) of components up to 10,000 bar

Impulse Testing

Pressure Range: 30 – 4,500 bar | Wave form: Sinus or Trapezoid
Frequency: Up to 50Hz depending on pressure and wave form


Burst Pressure Testing

Proof, Leak and Burst Testing up to 4,500 bar

Maximator Test Provides High Pressure Testing Services

Maximator Test LLC. provides innovative and cost-efficient services to help you solve your high-pressure test tasks. Experienced test engineers and technicians carry out tests for you, quickly and reliably. Our services provide you the opportunity to determine the performance parameters and quality features of your products while still in the prototype stage and under real-life conditions.


Pressure Pulsation Testing

Pressure Pulsation Testing up to 65,250 psi (4,500 bar) at 15 Hz

Simultaneous testing of multiple test samples

Pulsation Testing

Autofrettage Service

Autofrettage Service up to 145,000 pse (10,000 bar)

Proprietary sealing concepts (proportional clamping)



Burst Pressure Testing

Burst pressure testing up to 145,000 psI (10,000 bar)

Leak testing up to 65,250 psi (4,500 bar)

Burst Pressure Testing

Custom Fixtures

Design and manufacture of custom fixtures

Design and manufacture of custom adaptors

Custom Fixtures

Why Choose Maximator Test?

Our expertise and equipment can help you:

  • Determine the fatigue life of your high pressure components
  • Improve the fatigue life of your existing high pressure components through the autofrettage process
  • Assist in the design and development of your prototypes
  • Confirm your components meet quality standards to avoid warranty claims
  • Confirm design and FEA calculations with actual test data Design and build custom adaptors and fixtures to test your parts
  • Fast turn-around times

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Autofrettage Applications

Fuel tubes, injector bodies, injector nozzles, common rails, pump housings
Water-Jet cutting system components
Aerospace accumulators and related components

Impulse Testing Applications

Fuel tubes, injector bodies, injector nozzles, common rails, pump housings
Water-Jet cutting system components
Pressure sensors/transducers and gauges
High pressure filter system components

Burst Pressure Testing Applications

Plastic vessels
Virtually any pressure holding component
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