About Us Maximator Test - USA

About Maximator Test – USA

About Us Maximator Testing Services

Maximator Test provides unrivaled service to our customers in achieving their testing needs. Our maxim is “under promise, over deliver.”  We will go above and beyond to help you meet your deadlines.

Located in Northern Illinois, Maximator Test specialize in the testing of high pressure components up to 15,000 bar (217,500 psi). Maximator Test Company Building Our services provide you the opportunity to determine the performance parameters and quality features of your products while still in the prototype stage and under real-life conditions.


Maximator Test is the first company in the United States to offer Pressure Pulse Testing service up to 4,500 bar at 15 Hz. This high frequency ensures short and cost efficient testing of high pressure components.

The service portfolio comprises Leak and Pressure Drop Testing up to 65,000 psi (4,500 bar) as well as Pressure and Burst Pressure Testing up to 145,000 psi (10,000 bar).

Maximator Test is also able to provide Autofrettage service for prototypes and is capable of processing autofrettage orders at pressures up to 145,000 psi (10,000 bar) quickly, safely and reliably. Maximator® has long term experience with the autofrettage process and the equipment required to successfully extend the fatigue life of high pressure components.

With the capabilities of Maximator Test customers now have a resource for PPAP testing, component/assembly validation testing, material validation testing, etc. MAXIMATOR®’s expertise and unique test equipment will give the accurate data needed to make cost-saving decisions.

Maximator’s Testing Equipment

Maximator has been among the market leaders in high-pressure equipment for more than 30 years and has led the world in both production and testing of high pressure components up to 217,550 pse (15,000 bar). As a strong partner for renowned companies in the automotive and component supplier industry as well as the general engineering and chemical industry we boast the unique expertise to develop not only high-pressure test equipment, but custom stand-alone and serial testing as well.


State-of-the-art technical know-how based on German engineering, successful system developer and experienced specialist – Maximator GmbH is a leading supplier of high-pressure, testing, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Qualified and motivated company members are developing, designing, manufacturing and internationally marketing products that are worldwide employed in process technology plants.

At its headquarters in Zorge and another plant in Nordhausen, Maximator GmbH develops, designs and manufactures high-pressure equipment. Over 250 employees are ensuring top achievements in the fields of HP, testing, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

Maximator develops and manufactures components, such as valves, pipes and gauges, pressure tanks, systems and equipment that are employed in process engineering applications.

Our efficient in-house service department carries out erection, installation and maintenance of components and systems manufactured by Maximator.

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