Dye Penetrant Testing


Dye Penetrant Testing

Dye penetrant testing, also known as DP testing, DPI (Dye Penetrant Inspection) can be a valuable tool to help determine the exact failure location of a test sample.

In pressure testing, whether burst, proof, or pressure fatigue testing, it can often times be difficult to find the failure location with the naked eye or even with magnification; this is especially true when testing high pressure tubular components such as diesel common rails, high pressure diesel fuel lines, injectors, pump housings, castings, etc. In some cases these components may require 3000 bar before any leakage would begin to occur and can be incredibly difficult to locate.

For failure analysis or product improvement, dye penetrant testing (DVP&R), can save a great deal of time and money if your metallurgists already know where to begin their analysis. At Maximator Test we use several tools including DP testing to help our customers understand what their components can withstand in terms of maximum burst pressure, maximum pressure reversals and how, when and where they failed.

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