Plastic Part Testing Service


Plastic Part Testing Service

Maximator Test Pressure Pulse Machine

MAXIMATOR TEST along with our partners at TiK Germany can work with you to develop a pressure testing procedure for your components. We can offer you plastic part testing and various part tests for your prototype or serial parts.

Our long term experience in plastics technology and mold manufacturing can help you reduce your time-to-market, saving you time and money.

We test components to your exact specifications:

Inner pressurized plastic components in the automotive field:

  •     Cooling water system
  •     Suction module
  •     Pipes and lines in the engine
  •     Filter housing
  •     Pressure compensation tank

Our comprehensive documentation of test results provides you with the confidence to make precise statements regarding the qualities of your products.

Our Service program:

  •     Leak/Burst Testing
  •     Pressure pulsation testing with different liquids/gases (liquid, air and vacuum, hot air)
  •     Vibrations Testing – Resonance Search & Under temperature
  •     Modular setup with temperature chamber (up to 572 F) or climate chamber (-40 F – 356 F)
  •     Acoustic measurement
  •     Back Fire
  •     Oil spray test including temperature cycle – GMW 3155 certified
  •     Flow rate measurement with different liquids/gases (air, water, oil…)
  •     Temperature shock test

We can construct and build a testing device according to your testing requirements.

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