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Maximator Test – Oil and Gas Industry

Components used in oil and gas applications must endure some of the harshest and toughest conditions that face any industry: high pressures, high and low temperatures, large loads, downhole, sub-sea etc.

At Maximator Test we have tested many components used in the energy sector to ensure their safety once installed in these environments including:

High pressure oil filters
Bolted connections
Hoses and hose restraints
Couplings, fittings, tubing
And more…

Individual tests or a sequence of tests may be required before these products can be utilized in the field; some of the tests we perform at Maximator Test include:

  • Pressure Fatigue Testing (also known as Impulse testing or Cycle testing) to 4500 bar
  • Leak Testing to 10,000 bar
  • Proof Testing to prove out a new design or design change
  • Burst testing to find the ‘weak link’ in the design of a component or an entire assembly.

Many of the test procedures are followed according to set industry standards provided by our customers but many are unique and require custom adaptation or custom fixtures to accomplish the job. Maximator Test with work with your design team or vendors to ensure the test is conducted to meet your specifications in a timely and efficient manner.


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