Here at Maximator Test, much of the work that we do is dynamic, challenging and, at times, visually intensive as well. We have compiled this collection of videos to provide you with a firsthand look at Maximator Test in action. Please browse the links below to learn more about our wide range of services and technical capabilities. If you need more information, please contact us!

Maximator Test: Pressure, Leak and Burst Testing

Demonstration of our pressure testing capabilities. At Maximator Test we can conduct pressure tests to 65,000 psi (4500 bar) including: Leak/Proof, Pressure Decay and Burst. If you need to know how your components can stand up to pressure…Maximator Test can help you.

Demo of Maximator Test Impulse Test Rig

One of our core-competencies at Maximator Test is cycle testing high pressure components. Other terms for cycle testing include: Pressure Fatigue Testing or Impulse Testing. Maximator Test has arguably the finest high pressure impulse testing capabilities on the planet; our test bench can generate up to 4500 bar (65,000 psi) and operate at 15Hz on smaller volume parts. Here is a video demonstration of the test bench and some of its capabilities.

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