Articles and White Papers

Articles and White Papers

Maximator Test along with our parent company, Maximator GmbH in Nordhausen Germany, has a great deal of experience in dealing with high pressure applications for our customers in every industry across the spectrum including: Automotive (including high pressure diesel fuel systems as well as GDI), Medical, Chemical, O&G (both Upstream and Downstream), Marine and even Railroad products. At Maximator Test we do our best to keep customers informed as to the processes that can increase a components fatigue life such as Autofrettage or determining the reliability of their products through testing; as such we publish various White Papers to help our customers understand what we can do for them.


Autofrettage: What is Meant by “Autofrettage” and what Happens Inside the Component?

Autofrettage is a process that creates an internal stress in a component, similar to the shot blasting. Autofrettage is used in most cases for the inner pressure active components without (tubes) and with cross borings (rails).



Pressure Fatigue Testing

Pressure Fatigue Testing: Getting the most of Understanding the Dynamic Pressure Carrying Ability of your Product

Getting the most out of understanding the dynamic pressure carrying ability of your product. The application of repetitive pressure cycles on a pressure vessel can take their toll in the form of fatigue, even when the maximum stresses in the part are well below the yield strength of the vessel’s material.



Testing for Reliability

How Reliable are your Products? How Confident are you about your reliability?

Reliability is a measure of how well a product will perform under a certain set of conditions for a specified amount of time. Many times, reliability will be stated along with a minimum confidence level. Reliability and confidence are two separate concepts. Reliability refers to a failure rate, while confidence refers to the minimum certainty that the claimed failure rate is accurate.





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